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Go to your auction portal to visit our Risk-Free Auction Item Shop featuring 200 best-selling risk-free auction items offered on a consignment basis.


Each item in our shop has a 'cost-to-nonprofit price'.  Payment for the item is only incurred if the item sells at auction. If an item has a 'cost-to-nonprofit price' of $200 and the item sells for $500 at auction, the nonprofit will receive $300. 

The prices shown in the shop are the "cost-to-nonprofit price".

This is the price you will pay faithbid™ if the item sells.  

Scroll down to learn more about how it works.

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STRIKING AQUAMARINE Cocktail Ring Size 7 (first).png
How it Works

Follow these steps to request risk-free items for your in-person or virtual auction:

1. Visit your auction portal and click Visit Item Shop


2. View the risk-free items in each collection. You may sort by collection name or price point. Click on an image to see the product information.

3. To request an item, click "Add to cart". Once you have selected all of your desired items, go to checkout and fill out the requested information and submit. 

4. A Faithbid item concierge will confirm item availability and email you within 24 hours to confirm your item list and request auction portal login information. If you are hosting an in-person auction, they will arrange for the items to be shipped directly to your event location. 

4. Once your list is confirmed, the Item Concierge will upload the items to your auction.

5. After your auction ends, the Item Concierge will determine the items sold at your auction, bill you the cost-to-nonprofit price, order the items to be shipped to your winners (for virtual auction only), and notify and pay the item provider. Faithbid will charge your organization the 'cost-to-nonprofit price' for the items that were sold at your event.

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